A NetHack variant with randomized equipment, new items, new monsters, new maps, new challenges and an advanced ASCII interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can DynaHack be played with graphical tiles?

No. For a flavor of NetHack with a similar interface as DynaHack but with support for graphical tiles, consider trying NetHack 4.

How do I make the font bigger?

DynaHack runs under the console program (cmd.exe on Windows) or terminal emulator provided by your operating system. You can change the font by going into settings or preferences of that program while DynaHack is running, either in a menu or by right-clicking the window title bar or the window itself.

How do I make dark blue brighter?

As with changing your font, open your console program or terminal emulator's settings or preferences while DynaHack is running, find the dark blue palette entry and adjust to taste.

How do I play DynaHack if I'm on Linux or OS X?

Download the source code and compile it.

You can download the source code of either the latest stable version (choose one of the "source code" links) or download the bleeding edge version directly from the GitHub project page.

If you use Windows and you're interested in the bleeding edge version, the game can also be compiled with MinGW (no strings attached), or under Cygwin (requires Cygwin to play) for those who prefer it.

Is there an online server for DynaHack?

As of August 2015, DynaHack can be played online at nethack.dank.ninja.

You can also sometimes catch people streaming DynaHack live on termcast.org; in that case, you'll need to connect via telnet termcast.org. (Windows users will need a telnet client such as PuTTY.)

What is the font used in the screenshots on this site?

GohuFont. The screenshots were taken in Linux; the Windows version of GohuFont unfortunately does not support many of the special Unicode characters used by DynaHack.