A NetHack variant with randomized equipment, new items, new monsters, new maps, new challenges and an advanced ASCII interface.


DynaHack can be played online on the nethack.dank.ninja public server via SSH using e.g. PuTTY. See the DynaHack FAQ if you want to play online with numpad and are using PuTTY.

DynaHack can also be found at other places on the internet.


The classic roguelike adventure upon which DynaHack is based.


nethack.alt.org (or NAO for short) is a US-based server that hosts an extensively patched version of NetHack (nicknamed NAOHack) that can be played or watched online.


nethack.dank.ninja (formerly nethack.xd.cm, formerly acehack.de) hosts NAOHack, but also offers NetHack variants like DynaHack, dNetHack, NetHack Fourk, and SLASHTHEM.


DynaHack owes much of its gameplay to UnNetHack, a long-running NetHack variant that features more randomness, more levels, more challenges and more fun than vanilla NetHack; in a nutshell, "How NetHack would look today if the DevTeam didn't stop releasing", following a modern open source project approach of development.

UnNetHack has continued development independently of DynaHack, and thus has even more new gameplay to discover that does not exist in DynaHack.

NetHack 4

NetHack 4 is a NetHack variant focused on adding modern features to NetHack without making large changes to its core gameplay.

Like DynaHack, NetHack 4 was originally based on NitroHack, an earlier attempt to modernize NetHack, and as such shares a similar interface style with DynaHack. With modernization as its focus, the interface of NetHack 4 is even further developed than DynaHack's, most notably including graphical tiles and a consistent look-and-feel across operating systems.


dNetHack is a bold NetHack variant that makes many large changes to the gameplay and content of NetHack:

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