A NetHack variant with randomized equipment, new items, new monsters, new maps, new challenges and an advanced ASCII interface.

acehack.de is now nethack.xd.cm

acehack.de, the server hosting NAOHack and several NetHack variants for online play, has changed hosting and is now nethack.xd.cm, with the following changes:

  • AceHack is no longer offered for online play.
  • LeakHack (the leaked post-3.4.3 version of official NetHack) is also no longer available, though its source code is still available at the new website.
  • The in-browser web terminal (wstty) is no longer available, so you'll need a dedicated SSH client like PuTTY to watch or play.

Live chat, gameplay and development updates for nethack.xd.cm still happens in the #acehack.de IRC channel on freenode.net.

The Links page has been updated accordingly.

Website Updated

After a very long period of DynaHack-related inactivity, this website has finally become structured the way I wanted it all along.

The old DynaHack page was made in a rush for ARRP 2013, using a stock GitHub Pages theme, and as it turned out, those themes were not Jekyll-ready, meaning that making a multiple-page site would involve a lot of copy-and-pasting, so I put off fixing the website for a long time; it's only now that I've gotten around to it.

As for DynaHack itself, development will resume at some point at my discretion. If you're really eager, keep an eye on the commit log, which shows all code-related activity for the game.